10 Best Bamboo Sheets To Treat Yourself With in 2018 | Reviews + Buying Guide

Have you ever visited a five-star hotel, which included the most comfortable bed ever? Ever felt yourself melt into the plush mattress while enjoying the quality of the sheets that seemed to be worth hundreds of dollars? Most likely, you were not lying on average bed sheet. You might have been enjoying the world’s best bamboo sheets.

Now you may be wondering, “Bamboo sheets? How are they considered to be soft?” For many, the word ‘bamboo’ resonates with a hard, gritty fabric texture. However, this is not so. Bamboo is increasingly becoming the go-to texture for long-lasting and incredibly durable bed linen, that’s why here we will try to offer the best bamboo sheets review.

In this article, we have checked out the top brands in bamboo bed sheets to make your buying experience a lot easier. We have compared and reviewed the best and worst in luxury linens to help you overcome the challenge of buying something of superior quality. Plus, you learn what to look for in best bamboo sheets.

Yes, we’ve mentioned plenty of frustrations most people have when it comes to bed sheets and buying challenges as well, but our aim here is to help you find the absolute best bamboo sheets for you, as you simply can’t go wrong with these picks!

Best Bamboo Sheets & Sets Comparison

Product Size Materials Available Colors Additional Rating
Mellanni Bamboo Sheets
Mellanni Bamboo Sheets
California King 100% Polyester 36 4 piece set
4.5 of 5
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Zen Bamboo Luxury Bamboo Bed Sheets
Zen Bamboo Luxury Bamboo Bed Sheets
Queen 40% Rayon Derived from Bamboo, 60% Brushed Microfiber 12 4 piece set
4.4 of 5
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Cariloha Classic Bamboo Sheets
Cariloha Classic Bamboo Sheets
King 100% Rayon Derived from Bamboo 5 4 piece set
4.4 of 5
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Royal Hotel Bamboo Sheets
Royal Hotel Bamboo Sheets
Twin 100 percent rayon 15 4 piece set
4.3 of 5
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Cosy House Collection Premium Bamboo Bed Sheets
Cosy House Collection Premium Bamboo Bed Sheets
Queen 40% bamboo rayon/60% micro-polyester 14 4 piece set
4.3 of 5
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Hotel Sheets Direct Bamboo Bed Sheets
Hotel Sheets Direct Bamboo Bed Sheets
Queen 100% Rayon Derived from Bamboo 6 4 piece set
4.3 of 5
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DreamFit 5-Degree Bamboo Sheets
DreamFit 5-Degree Bamboo Sheets
Twin 70% Viscose from bamboo and 30% extra long staple cotton 7 4 piece set
4.2 of 5
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Brielle Bamboo Sheets
Brielle Bamboo Sheets
Twin 100% Rayon Derived from Bamboo 9 4 piece set
4.1 of 5
BUY NOW Amazon.com
BedVoyage Bamboo Sheet Set
BedVoyage Bamboo Sheet Set
Twin 100% Rayon Derived from Bamboo 10 4 piece set
4 of 5
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LuxClub Bamboo Sheets
LuxClub Bamboo Sheets
Full 40% Bamboo 60% Microfiber 42 4 piece set
4 of 5
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Top 10 Best Bamboo Sheets Review

Mellanni Bamboo Sheets (Cal King)

Mellanni bedding has always been known to have the combination of classic style and luxury. These sheets are a piece of luxury! For those searching for top quality on a budget, Mellanni bamboo sheets are the hottest new product to meet the market! In other words, these are bamboo luxury hotel quality sheets.

When others think about the bamboo material they usually imagine a tough material, however, it is the softest texture when it comes to sheets on the market. Linens made with bamboo are popular for its long-lasting durability. This provides buyers with the opportunity of saving big on great quality.

Mellanni Bamboo Sheets (Cal King)
  • Luxury Feeling – The popular luxury texture of Mellanni has improved into the exquisite softness of microfiber. Not only is the Cariloha bedding soft, but it is also extremely durable! It also includes deep pocket sheets with an advanced box-stitch seam.
  • Hypoallergenic – Customers who suffer allergies will find astonishing comfort with the bamboo sheets by Mellanni. They prevent dust mites that cause uncomfortable interrupted sleep.
  • Thermo-cooling – The thermoregulation in the Resort bamboo bedding keeps the body regulated at a normal temperature. Never will you have to throw off the sheets in the middle of the night. These sheets keep you cool during hot summer weather and warm during cool winter.
  • Antibacterial – These sheets help beat bacteria, therefore staying clean longer.
  • Fade resistance – keeps colors true. After washing this bedsheet there will not be fading or changes in its quality or appearance.
  • Eco-friendly – Mellanni helps save the environment. All bamboo sheets made under the popular household name save trees while improving your health.

Customers love the Mellanni Bamboo sheets

One purchaser stated his frustration after purchasing the best bamboo sheets he believed to be true bamboo based on the packaging details. He almost gave up his search for a great bed set that would help him with his allergies. He finally found comfort after purchasing the Mellanni Bamboo sheets. He claims these sheets are the only ones he needs. They take care of his allergies and highly sensitive skin.

Another buyer also found satisfaction with the Cariloha Bamboo sheets after his curiosity in the “bamboo craze”. He had been using cotton sheets and linens for years and did not know there were other options available. This customer suffers from sensitive skin and his sheets did not help improve his condition at all. He chose to purchase the bamboo bed sheets and has not trusted any other brand since. He loves his bed sheets for its soft texture with durability to last for years. This satisfied customer now tells others about the benefits of bamboo sheets and linens.

One buyer did not have the same pleasant experience as the previous two. This customer purchased Mellanni sheets and found the color faded shortly after washing for the first time. She enjoyed the fast shipping and great communication with the distributors. The softness of her bed sheets was also excellent. However, the color she had primarily fallen in love with online had quickly changed to a hue she does not favor. After this dissatisfying experience, she contacted the Mellanni team with her questions and concerns. Thankfully the friendly staff were helpful to provide a resolution to her complaint within minutes. This customer received another set of sheets that she now finds to be her favorite.

Based on previous customer feedback it seems that the main concern about the Mellanni linens is that customers receive their bed sheets in the exact color as expected. Most customers found that their bed sheets came in slightly different hues than expected. But are those the best bamboo sheets?

Zen Bamboo Luxury Bamboo Bed Sheets (Queen)

The Zen Bamboo Sheet Set is popular for providing excellence in quality and comfort. All products by this brand are trusted to last long saving hundreds of dollars on bedding linens.

Zen Bamboo Luxury Bamboo Bed Sheets (Queen)
  • Hypoallergenic – The Zen Bamboo sheets help prevent allergens, dust mites, and other unnatural agents that contribute to interrupted sleep.
  • Excellence in Brushed Bamboo & Microfiber Blend – Zen Bamboo sheets are made with the best quality fiber which enables users to enjoy long-lasting value for years to come. That means spending less on additional linens!
  • Antibacterial – Bamboo fiber keeps bacteria at bay. This feature keeps the Zen linens stay fresh for a longer period of time.
  • Wrinkle-free – There is no need for an iron on the Zen linens. This material is completely hassle-free so that you can easily store it wherever needed.
  • Fade-resistance – Linens hold its true colors for the length of its lifetime. This eliminates disappointment after washing the item. Unlike other bed linens, one wash day will not negatively affect the appearance of the bed sheets.
  • Eco-friendly – Zen Bamboo is eco-friendly. Its sheets are made of 40% rayon-derived bamboo and 60% imported microfiber material.

What some customers love about the Zen Bamboo sheets

One purchaser expressed her passion for bamboo sheets claiming to be a “Sheet Snob” who never purchases sheets less than 800 thread count. Nonetheless, she ordered the Zen Bamboo sheet set with a little apprehension. To her surprise, when she received the item, not only did it come expediently, but she also felt the quality she is so used to having. This resulted in great sleep and comfort.

Another buyer gave positive feedback upon receiving her item. She said that while unpacking her new bed sheets, she could feel the soft texture automatically knowing they will fit well on her bed. She knew the linens were not 100% bamboo but still felt the authentic feeling which contributed to her best rest.

One buyer, however, did experience a less-than-perfect experience. This customer voiced her complaint that the sheets were great in the beginning however started pilling within the first five weeks. He did not understand why he was having this experience after purchasing one great bamboo sheet set years ago. The customer was dissatisfied with the quality and was reimbursed.

After researching the main concerns and complaints from customers who purchased the Zen Bamboo Luxury Bed Sheets, here are the main commonalities. These issues were mostly with disappointments in the quality. Many expressed disinterest after feeling the bamboo fabric bed sheets and not receiving the full bamboo feeling desired. Customers, however, must keep in mind that the Zen Bamboo sheets are made of bamboo-blended material so they are of the best inexpensive bamboo sheets at its price.

Cariloha Classic Bamboo Sheets (King)

The Cariloha bamboo bed sheets are the perfect blend of luxury and practicality. These sheets offer the spa-like luxury while boasting a decent price. Each sheet is brilliantly crafted with incredible technology.

Cariloha Classic Bamboo Sheets (King)
  • Allergen – Free Guaranteed- This bed sheet set is hypoallergenic which keeps pesky allergens away from bedding. No longer will you be held wide awake with insomnia due to sneeze attacks or coughing fits.
  • Moisture Wicking – keeps night sweats to a minimum while keeping moisture of sheets. In fact, these sheets resist moisture almost instantly!
  • Thermo-regulation – Thermo technology has never been so necessary for the bedding industry as it is now. In fact, this is the hidden feature that makes the biggest difference in the experience of the customer. The thermoregulation of the Cariloha Luxury sheets help keep its customer balanced throughout sleep. The greatest benefit from this feature is that these sheets can be used all year round. This helps cut costs on extra sheets!
  • Stain Resistant – The Cariloha Luxury Bed sheets fight against ugly lingering stains. No longer will you have to worry about difficulty cleaning the material.
  • Easy to wash – Cleaning the Cariloha Luxury Bed sheets is simple. All that is needed is to wash in cool water. Bed Sheets also remain wrinkle free which enables users to simply use right after washing. Colors also remain vibrant and free from fading.
  • Eco-friendly – This company has the environment in mind while creating the best experience for customers.

Customers love the Cariloha Luxury Bed sheets

One buyer of the Cariloha Luxury Bed sheets shared her satisfaction. She mentioned that she spends nearly eight hours in bed every day and enjoys her bed sheets fully. This customer recommends Cariloha to anyone looking for affordability and comfort.

Another Cariloha Luxury sheet buyer expressed her satisfaction as she is extremely picky when it comes to shopping for sheets. She also mentioned that the sheets shed a great deal of fuzz after the first wash. Her satisfaction increased after realizing how the sheets fit her mattress well. They felt durable like they will last longer.

One customer expressed her dissatisfaction after her bed sheets tore within the first 2 weeks. She added that she only got to wash them once and unfortunately cannot return the product.

Based on previous customer feedback, customers are concerned about quality. Many have complained about torn sheets and low-quality stitching. The Cariloha brand certainly wants to please their customers. They are working hard to improve their quality and reputation.

Royal Hotel Bamboo Sheets (Twin)

Never has there been such a dynamic combination of affordability and luxury as there is with this royal Hotel product. This bamboo sheet set is best known for its lovely soft bed sheets that benefit its consumers.

Royal Hotel Bamboo Sheets (Twin)
  • Luxury Experience – No longer will customers need to travel far for the luxurious experience like that in the luxury hotels. These bed sheets are made from 100% rayon bamboo material. Every set is power packed with high thread counts that ensure quality and comfort.
  • Hypoallergenic – Tell dust mites to hit the road! These bed sheets fight against allergenic agents that creep its way onto sheets and interrupt rest. Not only that but these sheets quickly dry up any wet spots caused by accidents or oil spills.
  • Thermo-regulation – Customers often complain that their bed sheets cause irritation making sleep very uncomfortable. These state-of-the-art sheets keep body temperature regulated so that consumers stay cool. No need to toss these sheets off in the middle of the night.
  • Antibacterial – These sheets help prevent the build-up and spread of bacteria. Even moisture cannot stand a chance against these threads.
  • Fade-Resistance – Many customers complain that their linens come out faded after only a few washes. With these luxurious sheets that is not true. All colors remain the same as when first purchased. Fabric pilling is not a problem when using the proper washing technique.
  • Environment-Friendly – Keep the environment and your environment clean by using bamboo sheets.

Customers love the Royal Hotel Bamboo Sheet Set

One customer found relief with the bamboo sheet set after having tried other brands. He was gravely disappointed after material began tearing in unexpected places. The material had been cheap and this customer was not happy. Adding to his unhappiness, the return policy had expired past the time allowed to take back the item. Such disappointment only produced a greater desire for him to find the right distributor. When he found the bed sheets, he was quite skeptical until the product arrived expediently and was everything he had expected in bamboo sheets. This customer’s joy increased after the brand saw his positive review and sent him two complimentary pillowcases!

Another buyer expressed nothing less than satisfied when her set came in the mail. She and her husband are enjoying their first set. She mentions the sheets are completely soft and durable. The happy couple plans to purchase another set for the cold winter season to come.

One buyer, however, found the sheets to be slightly disappointing. This customer still experienced night sweats. The customer did enjoy the quality of the sheets and that they were thick and luxurious. This bamboo company does aim to present excellence for their customers.

Their techniques are sure to improve so that all sleepers enjoy their best rest.

Cosy House Collection Premium Bamboo Bed Sheets (Queen)

The Cosy House Queen Bamboo Bed Set is best known for its spa-like luxury quality sheets for affordable prices. This brand offers the best in comfort and quality with the most popular Bamboo texture that is taking over retail stores worldwide. Made of 60% micro polyester and 40% bamboo rayon, the sheet set provides the same quality as if it were made of 100% bamboo material.

Cosy House Collection Premium Bamboo Bed Sheets (Queen)
  • Hypoallergenic – If you suffer from annoying sneezes and coughs throughout the night that interrupts sleep leaving you tired in the morning, these bamboo sheets will help improve your rest. These hypoallergenic quality sheets help decrease allergens keeping sheets clean and breathable.
  • Naturally Clean – If you are a germaphobe and cannot stand ugly smells, you are in for a great treat. The Cosy House Queen Bamboo Bed Sheets eliminate odors in almost seconds. Say goodbye to nasty dust mites and toxic bacteria.
  • Softer than Silk – The amazing feeling of this bamboo sheet set is almost incomparable, providing a sense of calm. If there were one thing to compare it to, it would be silk. This material is guaranteed to be softer than silk!

Customers love the Cosy House Queen Bamboo Bed Sheets

When it comes to customer satisfaction, Cosy House has done well.

One customer expressed gratitude for the brand after receiving a sheet set with quality that topped their expectations. They had not given bamboo sheets much thought while using their cotton set until hearing about it from a friend. This customer mentioned that the quality was better than cotton, well cut, and felt like luxury quality. There is no way this customer can go back to their old cotton sheets again!

Another customer shared positive feedback for their sheet set. This customer said the Cosy House Queen sheet set is an excellent choice for all seasons hot or cold. The sheets were silky to the touch and remained wrinkle-free. She also has two small children that experience allergies in the spring and winter seasons. Thankfully her Cosy House sheets have helped prevent dust mites. Now her children do not suffer as much as when they used a lower end cotton linen.

One customer gave negative feedback after she received her sheets. She mentioned that the sheets did not budge when attempting to fit it into her current mattress. The set received was too small and did not fit despite ordering the correct size for. After having contacted the company she finally got the help needed that ensured trust for future business with Cosy House.

After reviewing many positive and negative comments from recent customers, the main concerns many have is the quality of bamboo blend as compared to true bamboo material. Cosy House does aim to produce the very best in top quality bamboo sheets. The company will continue working on providing better quality while offering a budget-friendly option.

Hotel Sheets Direct Bamboo Bed Sheets (Queen)

The Hotel Sheets Direct Bamboo Sheets are the perfect blend of affordability and quality. These sheets have the perfect organic quality and are made of micro fibers. Every model is crafted with excellence that ensures durability to last for years to come.

Hotel Sheets Direct Bamboo Bed Sheets (Queen)
  • Allergen-Free – This bed sheet set is hypoallergenic which keeps peaty allergens like dust far away from bedding. No longer will your sweet rest be interrupted due to sneezing attacks or coughing fits.
  • Moisture Wicking – keeps the sweat away as the bamboo fibers absorb moisture in only seconds.
  • Thermo-cooling – The secret behind the thermo technology lies within the bedding. This feature keeps body temperature regulated in an incredible way. Body temperature is sure to remain balanced throughout the entire night. This goes for hot summer and cool winter nights. Bamboo cooling sheets are known for this incredible feature.
  • Stain Resistant – The Mandarin Home Luxury Bed sheets keep stains away. No longer will you have to worry about sweat stains. Antibacterial fiber keeps bacteria away and bed sheets clean longer than the average linen.
  • Easy to maintain – Cleaning the Mandarin Luxury Bed sheets are super easy. Another cool feature is its wrinkle-free material that enables use straight out of the dryer. Colors remain vibrant and free from fading.
  • Eco-friendly – This company has the environment in mind while composing its linens. These reasonably cheap bamboo sheets not only keep customers comfortable, but they also help save trees and unnatural use of toxic chemicals.

Customers love the Hotel Sheets Direct Bed sheets

One purchaser had recently purchased from a company that sent him less-than-excellent quality. He almost gave up hope finding a bamboo sheet distributor whose price fit his budget until finding the Mandarin Luxury Bed sheet. After purchasing his very first Mandarin Bamboo sheets he was pleasantly surprised that the sheets kept him cool at night despite high temperatures, even though the Bamboo sheets thread count is higher than the average.

Another Hotel Sheets Direct buyer expressed her satisfaction when the sheets she received fit her mattress well. Not only that but the sheets were not thin. They felt durable like they will last a long time.

One buyer, however, did not have the same experience as the others. This buyer mentioned their sheet came tinted. They purchased a white sheet and instead received a pink sheet that never revived even after washing. After attempting to wash it with cool water the tint was unable to come out. The brand always aims to provide the best experience for customers so whenever a concern like that arises, the brand makes every effort to put the customer first.

Based on previous customer feedback it seems that the main concerns about these linens are that customers receive the quality they expect. Most customers shop online and enjoy the features of the product, however, few are disappointed in what is received.

DreamFit 5-Degree Bamboo Sheets (Twin)

DreamFit is a popular brand in quality bedding. In fact, it is one of the most trusted brands in bed linens online. DreamFit offers the most comfort on a budget. It’s made of 70% rayon from Bamboo and 30% cotton. Rayon Viscose is a popular fabric that is taking over retail stores worldwide. It offers a diverse combination of health and quality. It is made without the extra additives of chlorine and zinc sulphate. Bamboo blend sheets (derived rayon) are also extremely beneficial to the environment. By purchasing this sheet set customers not only receive comfort, but they also help improve their quality of sleep.

DreamFit 5-Degree Bamboo Sheets (Twin)
  • Breathability – The DreamFit Degree sheets provide allergen-free breathability. Say goodbye to the middle of the night sneezing and coughing fits that interrupts sleep. With these quality sheets, you can sleep through the entire night.
  • Stays Fresh Longer – Sleepers can now say goodbye to bad smells and stains. The DreamFit bed sheets eliminate wet spots almost immediately. This feature works for those who sweat a lot during their sleep. No need to keep changing sheets. Use during hot summer seasons as you would during the cool winter months.

Customers love the DreamFit Degree 5 Bamboo Rayon Bedding

When it comes to customer satisfaction, DreamFit has exceeded expectations. Let’s see a great bamboo blend sheets review that customers left.

One customer left an exciting comment about her new bed DreamFit sheets. After trying many other brands that left her disappointed with its quality, this customer was highly skeptical that she would ever find the right bamboo sheets for her and her family. She is also extremely picky when it comes to bed sheets but only because of her skin sensitivities she discovered after using hard cotton for so long. This customer has heard great things about bamboo but always received less than perfect results in the mail. With great disappointment, she often had to send the sheets back. The problem was always in torn sheets, a bad sewing job, thin paper-like material, or premature pilling. She finally decided to try the DreamFit sheets after seeing them online for a great price. When they came in the mail quick she was shocked. Opening the package was another great surprise. She received the best bed sheets purchased by far. The softness of the DreamFit was truly luxurious. Now, this customer is hooked on the DreamFit brand and continues purchasing their bedding for her entire family. She mentioned that it is a sacrifice financially, but it is so worth it when you get what you pay for.

Another customer experienced positive feedback mentioning how durable yet soft the sheets made from bamboo were. He never experienced such a great combination before in any brand of bed sheets. Now he can rest assured knowing his money went in the right direction. He now gets excellent rest and does not wake up frequently due to discomfort. These sheets help prevent allergens and bacteria which satisfy this customer very much.

One customer did not receive the best results. They mentioned that after receiving the bed sheets in the mail, the quality was a bit disappointing. The sheets felt extremely paper thin and began fading in color almost immediately after washing for the very first time. The sheets also left a little bit of lint in the dryer which upset this customer. The DreamFit team does, however, work well with their customers and helped find the right solution to this problem.

After reviewing the good and the bad from last customers, the main recurring concerns customers have is the wearout of their bed sheets after washing and drying them few times. Customers also mention instances where their sheets experience a slight fading in color.

Brielle Bamboo Sheets (Twin)

The Brielle Bedding is one of the most quality-driven brands in bed sheets online. Brielle offers the softest bamboo bedding. The combination of comfort and affordability is the dynamic duo that has provided a positive experience for thousands of happy customers worldwide!

Brielle Bamboo Sheets (Twin)
  • Breathability – If you are concerned about breathing well at night without excessive coughing or sneezing, these bed linens are superb. Not only will they reduce allergens, but bacteria and dust mites will also remain at bay. This provides an improved sleep.
  • Naturally Clean – Say goodbye to nasty smells and stains. The Brielle bed linens eliminate annoying wet spots almost immediately while keeping odors to a minimum. This is great for those who sweat during their sleep. You will not have to keep changing sheets every night. Use the Brielle 100 Percent Rayon Bamboo Sheet Set during hot summer seasons as you would during the cool winter months.
  • Made with Exotic Sateen Weave – These bed sheets are in a class of its own. The Brielle bed linens are made from genuine Sateen weave which are 100% cotton bedding with a high thread count and shiny material. Sateen provides the soft and silky feel that tops any other material!

Customers love the Brielle Bedding

When it comes to customer satisfaction, Brielle Bedding has done well.

One customer expressed excitement for the brand after getting his sheet set in the mail. He shared a glowing report of the amazing quality that trumped his initial expectations. He had not ever thought to try anything else other than cotton sheets but when he learned about the benefits of Bamboo bed sheets, he decided to spend a little more just to try it out. This happy customer mentioned that the quality was superior to cotton by 100%. He is now an avid bamboo cotton sheets user and recommends them to anyone.

Another customer sent great feedback mentioning the affordability as they used the sheets all year round. The sheets provided comfort and durability while remaining wrinkle free.

One customer, however, did not receive the best results. They mentioned that the quality was not as expected and actually began pilling. After washing the sheets the color also fades and leaves a great deal of lint behind after drying.

After reviewing the good and the bad from previous customers, the common concerns have is the tendency of the Brielle bed sheets to lose quality after washing and drying. One thing the Brielle company aims to do is to provide excellence with affordability. While they desire to please their customers in every way, making them comfortable, they also work with affordable materials that trump the regular cotton materials. The company plans to improve their materials in the years to come.

BedVoyage Bamboo Sheet Set (Twin)

The BedVoyage Bamboo Sheet Set has been on top of its game in quality bed sheets for years. This set is Bamboo-derived and made of top-quality fiber that feels better than 800 thread count sheets. The material is soft to the touch and long-lasting. With BedVoyage you receive durability at a fraction of the price!

BedVoyage Bamboo Sheet Set (Twin)
  • Hypoallergenic – For those that experience allergies and sensitivity to certain materials, the BedVoyage sheets are excellent. Bacterial agents are eliminated and sheets remain free from dust mites.
  • Odor Resistant – If you are sensitive to scents these are the sheets for you. BedVoyage sheets keep bodily odors and any other scents from remaining. In addition to this, moisture is absorbed in seconds!
  • Thermo-cooling Technology – New thermo technology agent keeps sheets cool and body temperatures regulated.
  • Antibacterial – fiber keeps bacteria away and bed sheets clean longer than the average linen.
  • Eco-friendly – Bamboo fibers are Eco-friendly to the environment.

Customers love the BedVoyage Bamboo Rayon Sheet Set

One customer gave a glowing report on how she enjoyed her new BonVoyage bed sheets. She mentioned having allergies so Bamboo sheets are all she could use. Bamboo is nothing new to this customer so when she purchased the item, she did not expect anything less than her old set that lasted her five years. When the new set came in she was a bit leery but found them to be excellent.

Another customer mentioned their proclivity to having night sweats. After having experienced cheaper cotton sheet sets, she realized the need to try something different. The customer purchased her first bamboo sheets by BonVoyage and was finally able to eliminate temperature frustrations during the night. Now instead of waking up four times each night, she sleeps throughout the entire night feeling cool with her thermo-regulated BedVoyage Bamboo Rayon sheets.

One customer did not enjoy the BonVoyage experience like the previous two. This customer expressed displeasure after receiving the item and feeling a cheaper quality than expected. The sheets also wrinkled very much leading to extra hassle with ironing.

Main concerns customers have with the BonVoyage sheet set include the disappointing quality as compared to what was expected after shopping online. Customers are typically very trusting of product images and descriptions. Most purchases occur after having seen a great high-quality image. So when purchasers find that their product does not match up – they are disappointed. Nonetheless, ‘BonVoyage’ is a brand that loves their customers and values their opinions. In this way, they have previously dealt with customer concerns and are currently working on improving the quality of their bamboo material.

LuxClub Bamboo Sheets (Full)

The LuxClub Bamboo set is known for its perfect blend of sophistication and craftsmanship. Every model has durable quality and the softness that makes sleep more pleasurable.

LuxClub Bamboo Sheets (Full)
  • Hypoallergenic – This set is hypoallergenic keeping your allergies in mind and providing the best comfortable experience.
  • Moisture-wicking – keeps the sweat away as the bamboo fibers absorb moisture in only seconds.
  • Thermo-cooling – agent technology keeps body temperature regulated.
  • Antibacterial – fiber keeps bacteria away and bed sheets clean longer than the average linen.
  • Wrinkle-Free – linens enable you to store or pack in your suitcase without a care of ironing. These bed sheets are ready for use right out of the pack!
  • Fade Resistance – keeps vibrant colors alive and true to its original color. Washing this linen will not make changes in the quality or appearance. Keep these linens for years and they will still look as good as new.
  • Eco-friendly – LuxClub cares about the environment. These bamboo sheets save trees. The fibers regenerate free from unnatural agents such as pesticides or chemicals. Without such harmful agents, you can get a great night sleep while keeping the environment clean!

Customers love the LuxClub Bamboo sheets

One purchaser stated that she has always been hot while resting. When she purchased her very first LuxClub Bamboo sheets she was pleasantly surprised that the sheets helped her remain at a cool temperature for the entire night. She experienced comfort and ease. After reading the reviews about the LuxClub sheets and its probability of shedding after washing, she discovered that the sheets do not shed at all.

Another buyer expressed her excitement that the sheets received fit her TempurPedic mattress and that the sheets are soft yet not thin. She had purchased her fair share of lesser quality bed sheets and have recently become fed up with her cotton sheets. Considering the advice of a close friend and hearing great online reviews about the benefits of using bamboo bed sheets instead of the generic cotton ones, she purchased her first set on Amazon. They are the softest and longest lasting sheets she has used. This customer is excited to continue purchasing for herself and family. These sheets will last her for years to come!

One buyer, however, did not have the same experience as the previous two. This buyer mentioned her sheet came stained. After attempting to wash it with cool water the stain was unable to come out. Not only was she upset because of the dis-coloring but the sheet also came two sizes too small for her mattress. LuxClub always aims to provide the best experience for customers so whenever a concern like that arises, the brand makes every effort to put the customer first.

Based on previous customer feedback it seems that the main concerns about the LuxClub linens are that customers receive the quality they expect. Most customers shop online and enjoy the features of the product, however, few are disappointed in what they receive. Another great concern is the color fading on the bamboo material.

Bamboo Sheets Buying Guide

What Are Bamboo Sheets?

When mentioning bamboo sheets, one might conclude that such sheets might be hard as they might think of bamboo in its natural state. However, bamboo is everything but uncomfortable. Bamboo sheets are known to be more durable and have cooling abilities. It is actually improving the sleep of thousands of consumers worldwide.

So how are they made? When making the bamboo bed sheets, comforters, or duvet covers, the most important ingredient involved is the bamboo plant. This creates the durability that enables consumers to keep their sheets for long years without a thought to change back to typical cotton fabrics.

Although bamboo sheets are becoming more known to sheet lovers all across the globe, they certainly are not all the same. There are currently four different types of materials that vary.

Types of Bamboo Sheets

bamboo on sheets
  • 100% Bamboo Rayon Viscose is one of the most popularly sold bamboo sheets. In order to create such luxurious sheets, the fabric undergoes an intricate process which differs from the chemicals used and how environment-friendly it is. The best choice in bamboo rayon sheets is definitely the ones made with a very systematic method. One concern about this type of bamboo linen is the way in which its chemicals are thrown away after use. In this way, it is a great rule of thumb to avoid bed sheets treated with chlorine or zinc sulphate.
  • Bamboo linen is another quality option made with the same technique as with linen fabric with flax and hemp. One common complaint with this bamboo fabric is that it easily wrinkles and is a bit harder than other bamboo sheets. In this way, it is a high-maintenance material requiring constant upkeep.
  • Cotton mixed bamboo typically makes up to 40% of bed sheets while the other 60% is bamboo rayon. Because of the mix of materials used, it is more durable than the average genuine bamboo sheets.
  • Genuine Bamboo Lyocell The lyocell sheets are best known as the most durable materials. The material is made of raw bamboo which is joined together with a non-toxic solution. When mixed with water, it can be used again which produces a closed loop system. In this way, all traces of toxic agents are eliminated. The genuine 100% bamboo lyocell is hands down, the superior material over rayon.
  • Sateen Bamboo is a weave material used to produce the very best quality high thread bed sheets. It is made with a one-yarn under three-yarn over technique which creates thick sheets that last longer.

The Surprising Advantages of Bamboo Bed Sheets

Bamboo bed sheets are becoming the go-to choice for consumers who are looking for top quality. This is because of its many benefits:

  1. Breathable Fabric – Bamboo sheets do not hold heat within its fibers. This means users experience less sweating and frustration.
  2. Comfortable – Tell old cotton bed sheets to get lost! The organize bamboo sheets are the most incredibly comfortable and soft to touch.
  3. Environmentally Friendly – If customers want to find improved comfort, bamboo sheets are a great option. All material is completely natural and harmless. Bamboo sheets are preventative for those suffering allergies as they keep pesky dust mites and bacteria away. This is an amazing option for those fighting diseases that need clean surroundings. Great option for children as well!

What to Look for When Buying Bamboo Bedding Sets?

At this point, readers might be wondering what qualities to look for in order to make the right purchase. With so many customers not finding satisfaction in their purchases, here are essential characteristics:

  • Antibacterial Sheets – prevents sickness and the spreading of it.
  • Non-toxic – keeps toxins away keeping users in healthy environment.
  • Prevents Dust Mites – keeps small bugs that are too small for the human eye to see out of bed and away from the body.
  • Amount of Bamboo Used in Composition – Customers can know how much bamboo material is included by checking the amount of bamboo versus additional fabrics. In this way, shoppers can avoid false versions on the market.
  • Shrinkage Factor helps you know whether bamboo sheets are prone to shrinking. Some sheets come pre-shrunk so that further shrinkage is reduced.

Bedding Sizes

One rule of thumb when shopping for bamboo bedding is to be aware of the sheets that are already pre-shrunk. Keep an eye out for those that can fit the contemporary mattress of your choice. The top choices are anything from King Single to Mega King.

Organic Vs Synthetic Bed Sheets

One question to consider is whether your bamboo sheets are 100% authentic or simply a blend. Keep in mind that the top-quality linens are organic and grown bamboo. The level of softness will tell because organic bamboo sheets are softer than the best cotton linens.

Best Thread Count for Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo sheets are of the softest texture with some made of eucalyptus and hemp. Because of this many are sold with 250 to 350 thread count. Some organic bamboo sheet sets made of rayon are of greater quality than a cotton linen of 1000 thread count. By choosing 250 count customers can save money and receive great quality. Purchasing anything more will deem more expensive.

Perks Cooling Bed Sheets

Purchasing cooling bed sheets are the best option for many customers. For those who experience night sweats, menopause, or other uncomfortable circumstances, cooling sheets keep heat out of the bed while offering ventilation.

How to Find High-Quality Bamboo Sheet Sets?

why choose sheets made of bamboo

When shopping for the best quality bamboo sheets it is a smart move to check out the details included on the bamboo sheet set. Look out for important clues like thread count, materials included in the manufacturing process, shrinkage factor (whether the material has been pre-shrunk or not) and mite resistance. These factors will help prevent customers from purchasing a less-than-perfect version of the real thing. Refer to these details to find the very best quality bamboo sheets while maintaining a decent budget.

Bamboo Vs. Cotton Sheets

Comfortability – Cotton sheets do have the tendency to be quite comfortable. They provide breathability. High-quality bamboo sheets, however, have greater ability to provide comfort. The best thing about this texture is that it does not respond to the human body’s perspiration. All forms of moisture are instantly absorbed leaving sheets clean for longer periods of time.

Health – Although cotton sheets are soft to the touch, they do not provide health benefits. Bamboo sheets, however, offer numerous health benefits such as bacterial and mite reduction. This is especially great for those who suffer from asthma and lung problems. Bamboo linens have healing qualities that help improve health issues.

Taking Care of Your Bamboo Sheets

a bed with bamboo sheets

Caring for bamboo sheets, comforters, and duvet covers is most essential to their longevity. Here are some great tips for keeping new sheets in the best shape possible, even if we’re talking about king size bamboo sheets.

  • Wash in cold water. Bamboo bedding is best when washed in cold water. You may also use warm water. One rule of thumb is to check if the set has been preshrunk. If not, proceed to wash new bamboo sheets in hot water so that the fabric shrinks to the proper size.
  • Dry using gentle cycle option to ensure the best results. Avoid leaving sheets outdoors to dry.
  • Join similar colors. Avoid combining different colors together so that bleeding does not occur. Keep whites, colors and darks separate at all times.
  • Join similar materials. Just like with colors, keep similar materials together and those that are different separate. In doing so, consumers will avoid premature wear and tear.
  • Avoid bleach and fabric softeners. Bamboo sheets are naturally plush and therefore do not need additional softening. Also, harsh chemicals like bleach or dryer strips will compromise the soft texture. Keep away from fabric additives.
  • Stick with organic stain removers. Before washing sheets try spot treating with cleaners that do not include harsh chemicals. Try using natural Castile soap with baking soda to the stain instead.

Final Thoughts

bamboo bedding

After ranking the above-mentioned bamboo linen bed sets against one another, we took the liberty to rate which we love more. Our top choice is the Mellanni Bamboo Sheets. The reason for this is – they’re made of the softest fabric known – much softer than cotton. Not only that, but this bed set can be taken throughout the entire year. Its thermos-regulatory feature is absolutely amazing! In fact, we dare to say that these sheets are an excellent choice for people with allergies have very sensitive skin. Another feature that we enjoy is the soft material that feels softer than silk and even cashmere.

Purchasing the natural bamboo sheets is the best choice a bedding consumer can possibly make. When buying the bamboo bedding, customers join in on the many perks available to them. Not only do bamboo textures offer soft quality but also positive health benefits that improve quality of life. Although bamboo linens can rise in price very easily due to its high thread count, it is well worth the money sacrifice. Customers will get the quality they pay for while having the ability to keep sheets longer than the average cotton bedding.

Main considerations when buying bamboo sheets include thread count, whether or not the product has been shrunken already (to ensure that the item fits a modern bed), and the materials used. While some bamboo linens claim to be genuine, customers may be surprised that the bamboo ingredient lacks substantially in comparison to others used in the manufacturing process.