Top 8 Bamboo Sheets Reviews To Help You Choose The Most Comfortable Bamboo Bedding

Have you ever visited a five-star hotel with the most comfortable bed ever? Ever felt you melt into the plush mattress while enjoying the quality of the soft bamboo sheets? The bedding worth hundreds of dollars. Most likely, you were not lying on an average bed sheet. You might have been enjoying the world`s Best Bamboo Sheets.

Now you may wonder, “Why are bamboo sheets good? How are they considered to be soft?” For many, this plant resonates with hard, gritty fabric texture. But, this is not so. Bamboo is increasingly becoming the go-to texture for bed linen. This material is long-lasting and incredibly durable. We will try to offer bamboo sheets pros and cons here.

We have checked out the top brands in bamboo bed sheets to make your buying experience a lot easier. We have bamboo sheets reviews of the best luxury linens. They’ll help you overcome the challenge of buying something of superior quality. Plus, you learn what to look for in the best bamboo sheets.

With bed sheets and buying challenges, people have plenty of frustrations. And we’ve mentioned them too. But our aim here is to help you find the absolute best bamboo sheets for you, as you simply can’t go wrong with these picks and bamboo sheets ratings!

Best Bamboo Sheets & Sets Comparison

Product Size Materials Available Colors Additional Perks Rating
Cariloha Classic Bamboo Sheets
Cariloha Classic Bamboo Sheets
King Organic bamboo viscose Ivory The hypoallergenic fabric made in USA and
5 of 5
Linenspa Super Soft
Linenspa Super Soft
King 100% bamboo rayon White, Ivory, Sand, Stone Soft satin finish
4.9 of 5
MALOUF All-Season Set
MALOUF All-Season Set
Kind, Queen XL, Full, Twin XL Bamboo rayon Ash, Citron, Driftwood, Ivory, Rain, White No pilling or fraying with time
4.7 of 5
Exceptional Plush Linen
Exceptional Plush Linen
Full \Queen, King\ Cal King Plush rayon from bamboo White Ivory, Sage, Grey, Blue, Gold, Taupe, Smoke Blue Antistatic fabric available in more than 5 colors
4.2 of 5
BedVoyage Imported
BedVoyage Imported
Queen Imported rayon from Bamboo Cayenne, Champagne, Green, Ivory, Mocha, Platinum, White, Sky, Sage-Green, Brown, Butter Its fabric repels bacteria, mildew, odors, and mites
4 of 5
Royal Hotel Queen White Silky Soft
Royal Hotel Queen White Silky Soft
King, Queen, Olympic Queen, Split King, Cal King Rayon bamboo Green, Ivory, White, Taupe, Gold, Linen-beige and more Offers best value for the money
3.5 of 5
Twin, Full, Cal King 100% Rayon from Bamboo Titanium, White, Navy, Burgundy, Brown, Camel, Royal purple Unique natural linen in sateen jersey
3.4 of 5
Clara Clark Premier 1800 Collection
Clara Clark Premier 1800 Collection
Queen Silky brushed microfiber Aqua light blue, Cream, Titanium, Ash Wrinkle-resistant
3.3 of 5

Top 8 Best Bamboo Sheets Review

Cariloha Resort Bamboo Sheets 4 Piece Set Review

Cariloha sheets are extremely soft, light and thin. Made of organic Viscose this model is all-natural, durable but with a luxury look. A satin finish ensures a smooth feel and extra softness. The material breathes well and takes up moisture. This gives that impression of coolness when you dive into your bed. Seam construction adds durability to this model.

If your skin is too sensitive or you are allergic to textiles, you still can use Cariloha bedding. Its all-natural fabric is not chemically treated or dyed. It repels allergens and odors well. There is a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer if you are not satisfied with the chosen set. You can also contact the company in case you have any issues with the product.

Cariloha Resort Bamboo Sheets 4 Piece Set


  • Various colors
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Environmental-friendly
  • Warranty from a manufacturer
  • Bamboo sheets made in USA


  • Color fading with overime

Linenspa Super Soft Bamboo Sheets Review

The set created of 100% rayon is the softest option you can find. This fabric is tender and light. It breathes and wicks moisture well because of its natural properties. The manufacturer does not treat these real bamboo sheets with formaldehyde or other chemicals. It is skin-friendly even for those who have eczema or skin allergies. They give a silky smooth quality to your bed and will be softer after each wash. Only 4 colors are available, but they are neutral so will fit the design of every bedroom.

Linenspa Super Soft Bamboo Sheets


  • Soft satin finish
  • Affordable price
  • Wick moisture
  • Fitted sheet stays in place


  • Only four color available
  • Need gentle wash

MALOUF Bamboo Sheets All-Season Set Review

You can choose from 6 sizes and 6 colors available. But most users emphasize that this product is especially good with king-size beds. The length of the top king size sheet is 78”x80”. There are 2 22”x 42″ pillowcases and a flat sheet in the package. Special deep pockets guarantee that the linen stays in place during the night.

These best bamboo bed sheets felt like liquid silk but breathe like cotton. They’re lightweight, soft, and luxurious. Good for sensitive skin. The material is rayon from bamboo.

MALOUF Bamboo Sheets All-Season Set


  • Eco-friendly
  • Do not pill or fray during the use
  • Very comfortable
  • All-season


  • They wrinkle a lot as all natural fabrics do
  • Show oil spots

Exceptional Plush Linen Bamboo Sheets Review

Original plush bamboo rayon distinguishes this item. It offers perfect absorption and is softer than cashmere. Its anti-static properties help repel dust and irritants. Its 300 threads fabric density gives you a durable product.

There are a buttoned Duvet Cover and 2 pillowcases in each set. Unfortunately, you can choose only from 2 sizes: King and Full. But 8 colors available for each of them compensate that issue.

Exceptional Plush Linen Bamboo Sheets Review


  • Anti-static fabric
  • 8 colors
  • Soft
  • 300 thread count


  • Only 2 sizes available

BedVoyage Bamboo Sheets Imported Review

ECO-safe manufacture in Asia makes rayon bamboo for this linen. They apply no artificial dues and do not treat the fabric with chemicals. Moisture-wicking, breathability, and temperature regulation are among its usual properties. It has no satin finish and is a bit thicker than previous models, but remains comfortable to lie on.

The set includes a flat cover (60’x80’W, 18’L), a deep-pocket fitted cover (97’W, 109’L,) and two big pillowcases(21’x34’). We recommend soft care for these top rated bamboo sheets: do not bleach, delicate machine wash, do not leave inside the washing machine for long.

BedVoyage Bamboo Sheets Imported Review


  • Fits oversized mattress well
  • Repels bacteria, mildew, odors, and mites.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Closed loop production
  • Imported


  • Only 1 size.
  • No satin finish

Royal Hotel Bamboo Sheets Queen Silky Soft Review

Many customers switched to bamboo sheets after trying this set. This product offers the best all-natural fabric in its price segment. Natural properties are moisture absorption, breathability, and smooth touch. These bamboo sheets for night sweats guarantee you a comfortable sleep experience. It will warm you up in winter and cool your body in summer. So you can also save money not buying 2 separate sets for each season. There are no specific features in this product. Seams are strong, the fit is good. This is solid linen set for the money. One more thing, satisfaction guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Royal Hotel Bamboo Sheets Queen Silky Soft Review


  • Wide choice of sizes and colors
  • Easy care, machine wash, cold water
  • Low price


  • Wrinkles

Brielle Bamboo Sheets Review

Brielle brand offers exclusive textiles for the home. The unique natural linen in sateen jersey is among their products. Sateen gives a richness style for these sheets. The textile density is 510 to 300 thread count. Brielle Bamboo Sheets benefits overcome its disadvantages easily.

This item comes in over 5 colors, available in 8 sizes and 4 different styles packages. Pillowcases come with a French closure. The linen is light and thin, comfortable to sleep. Pocket depth is around 15 inches, so you won’t have troubles with the fit in corners of the bed.

Brielle Bamboo Sheets Review


  • 5 items set
  • Organic fabric with sateen layer
  • 300-510 thread count
  • Wide product range


  • Fits only 17-inch mattresses

Clara Clark Premier Bamboo Sheets 1800 Collection Review

These imported 4 pieces set is good for queen sized bed and 18-inches mattresses. It offers all bamboo bedding properties and, above that, it has an embossed design. On the contrary to other items, this one is wrinkle-resistant; so many customers prefer it above other products. Strong seams are tear-resistant. The linen won’t shrink or stretch even if you use it often.

Manufacturer guarantees 100% satisfaction. You can return the item if you don’t like it, get a refund or a replacement. Item must not be in use, unlaundered and in original packaging.

Clara Clark Premier Bamboo Sheets 1800 Collection Review


  • Quick drying
  • Bamboo fiber bed sheets
  • Embossed design
  • Wrinkle-resistant
  • For regular use


  • Colors may fade out

Bamboo Sheets Buying Guide

One might conclude that such products might be hard. It happens as they might think of bamboo in its natural state. However, it is everything but uncomfortable.

Such items are more durable and have cooling abilities. It is actually improving the sleep of thousands of consumers worldwide.

So how are they made? The most important ingredient involved is the bamboo plant. We use it to make the bamboo bed sheets, comforters, or duvet covers. This creates durability and enables to keep the them for long years. People don’t even think about changing back to typical cotton fabrics. Such bedding is becoming more known all across the globe. But sets are not all the same. There are four different materials.

What Types Are There?

bamboo on sheets
  • 100% Bamboo Rayon Viscose is one of the most popular bamboo sheets. To create such a luxurious product, the fabric undergoes an intricate process. It differs from the chemicals used and how environment-friendly it is. The best choice in bamboo rayon sheets is definitely the ones made with a very systematic method. One concern about this type of bamboo linen is the way how to use chemicals after use. In this way, it is a great rule of thumb to avoid bed sheets treated with chlorine or zinc sulfate.
  • Bamboo linen is another quality option. It follows the same technique as a linen fabric with flax and hemp does. There’s a complaint with this bamboo fabric. People say it easily wrinkles and is harder than other bamboo sheets

In this way, it is a high-maintenance material requiring constant upkeep.

  • Cotton mixed bamboo typically makes up to 40% of bed sheets while the other 60% is bamboo rayon. Because of the mix of materials used, it is more durable.
  • Genuine Lyocell. The lyocell sheets are famous for being the most durable. The raw bamboo material goes together with a non-toxic solution. When mixed with water, it can be used again which produces a closed loop system. In this way, it’s possible to exclude all traces of toxic agents. The genuine 100% lyocell is hands down, the superior material over rayon.
  • Sateen is a weave material used to produce the very best quality high thread bed sheets. The used technique makes a one-yarn under three-yarn. Thanks to this we can see the thick sheets that last longer.

What Are The Benefits Of Bamboo Bedding

Bamboo bed sheets are becoming the go-to choice for consumers who are looking for top quality. This is because of its many benefits:

Breathable Fabric – best bamboo sheets do not hold heat within its fibers. This means users experience less sweating and frustration.

Comfortable – Tell old cotton bed sheets to get lost! The organize bamboo sheets are the most incredibly comfortable and soft to touch.

Eco-friendly – If customers want to find improved comfort, bamboo sheets are a great option. All material is completely natural and harmless. Bamboo sheets are preventative for those suffering allergies. They keep pesky dust mites and bacteria away. This is an amazing option for those fighting diseases that need clean surroundings. Great option for children as well!

What To Look For When Buying Bamboo Bedding Sets?

What To Look For When Buying Bamboo Bedding Sets?

Readers might wonder what qualities to look for if they want to make the right purchase, as a lot of customers don’t find satisfaction in their purchase. So, here are the main characteristics:

  • Antibacterial – prevents sickness.
  • Non-toxic – keeps toxins away keeping users in a healthy environment.
  • Prevents Dust Mites – keeps small bugs that are too small for the human eye to see out of bed and away from the body.
  • % Used in Composition – Customers can know how much bamboo material the item has. For this, they need to check the amount of bamboo versus additional fabrics. In this way, shoppers can avoid false versions on the market.
  • Shrinkage Factor helps you know whether the item is prone to shrinking. Some sheets come pre-shrunk so that further shrinkage reduces.

Bedding Sizes

One rule of thumb when shopping for bamboo bedding is to know of the sheets that are already pre-shrunk. Keep an eye out for those that can fit the contemporary mattress of your choice. The top choices are anything from King Single to Mega King.

How Soft Are Bamboo Sheets?

One question to consider is whether your bamboo sheets are 100% authentic or a blend. Keep in mind that the top-quality linens are organic and grown bamboo. The level of softness will tell everything. The organic bamboo sheets are softer than the best cotton linens.

What Thread Count In Bamboo Sheets Is Ideal?

Bamboo sheets are of the softest texture with some made of eucalyptus and hemp. Because of this, many bamboo sheets thread count is 250 to 350. Some organic bamboo sheet sets made of rayon have great quality. Even better than cotton linen of 1000 thread count. By choosing 250 count customers can save money and receive great quality. Purchasing anything more will deem more expensive.

Do Bamboo Sheets Keep You Cool?

Purchasing cooling bed sheets are the best option for many customers. Those who experience night sweats, menopause, or other uncomfortable circumstances prefer it. The cooling sheets keep heat out of the bed and offer ventilation.

How To Find High-quality Bamboo Sheet Sets?

When shopping for the best quality bamboo sheets it is a smart move to check out the details. Look out for important clues. They include thread count, materials used in the manufacturing process. Also, the shrinkage factor and mite resistance are also worth checking.

These factors will help prevent customers from buying a less-than-perfect version of the real thing. Refer to these details to find the very best quality bamboo sheets. And maintaining a decent budget.

Bamboo Sheets vs Cotton

Comfortability – Cotton sheets do have the tendency to be comfortable. They provide breathability. High-quality bamboo sheets, however, have a greater ability to provide comfort. The best thing about this texture is that it does not respond to the human body’s perspiration. All forms of moisture are instantly absorbed. And the sheets stay clean for longer periods of time.

Health – Although cotton sheets are soft, they do not provide health benefits. Bamboo sheets, however, offer many health benefits such as bacterial and mite reduction. This is especially great for those who suffer from asthma and lung problems. Bamboo linens have healing qualities that help improve health issues.

Taking Care Of Your Bamboo Bedding

a bed with bamboo sheets

What contributes to the longevity of bamboo sheets, comforters, and duvet covers? The right caring does. Here are some great tips for how to wash bamboo sheets, even if these are the king-size ones.

Wash in cold water. Bamboo bedding is best to wash in cold water. You may also use warm water. One rule of thumb is to check if the set has been preshrunk. If not, wash new bamboo sheets in hot water so that the fabric shrinks to the proper size.

  • Dry using gentle cycle option to ensure the best results. Avoid leaving sheets outdoors to dry.
  • Join similar colors. Avoid combining different colors together so that bleeding does not occur. Keep whites, colors, and darks separate at all times.
  • Join similar materials. Just like with colors. Keep similar materials together and those that are different separate. In doing so, consumers will avoid premature wear and tear.
  • Avoid bleach and fabric softeners in bamboo sheets washing. Bamboo sheets are naturally plush and therefore do not need additional softening. Also, harsh chemicals like bleach or dryer strips will compromise the soft texture. Keep away from fabric additives.
  • Stick with organic stain removers. Before washing try spot treating with cleaners. It’s preferable to use those not including harsh chemicals. Try using natural Castile soap with baking soda to the stain instead.


bamboo bedding

After reviewing the above linen, it’s time to pick the best bamboo sheets. Our top choice is the Cariloha Resort 4 Piece Set. The reason for this is – they’re made of the softest fabric known – much softer than cotton. Not only that, but we can take this bed throughout the entire year. Its thermos-regulatory feature is amazing! In fact, we dare to say these sheets are an excellent choice for people with allergies. Another feature we enjoy is the soft material that feels softer than silk and even cashmere.

Purchasing the natural bamboo bedding is the best choice a bedding consumer can make. When buying the bamboo bedding, customers join in on the many perks available to them. Not only do textures offer soft quality but also positive health benefits. Such linens can rise in price easily because of its high thread count. But it is well worth the money sacrifice. Customers will get the quality they pay for. They will have the ability to keep sheets longer than the average cotton bedding.